Yes, there is hope after divorce

Dear Doctor,

we met at the Clinic yesterday for my birth control check and supply.

You called my name in the waiting hall, smiled tenderly and I noticed how you stood out of the crowd of practitioners with your rare motherly attitude.

You asked me routine questions, how old I am, my medical history, previous pregnancies: yes three – I said.

-And what was the outcome?

-Three children.

-I have three children too! – and your enthusiasm was contagious.

-Do you have a regular partner?

-I do.

-Long term?

-Long term. And no, he is not my children’s father.

Then you asked me about my job: -I have two jobs. Actress and women coach.

-Women coach?- you lightened up – what kind of coaching is it?

-I help women during transitions in their lives, mainly single mums.

-Single mums? I am one! Horrible, isn’t it?

Dear Doctor, I hear you. Being a single mum is challenging, there are moments of overwhelm, loneliness, despair and hopelessness, I have been there.

But you can turn it around, I promise.

You went on: -My husband left for another woman and relocated to Australia with her without a second thought for his own children.

I would like to give you a hug. You deserve true love in your life, Doctor.

-Let me get you your supply- you said.

And coming back in the consultation room you looked at me straight in the eyes with a new sparkle in yours : – So there is hope after divorce?

Yes, there is hope after divorce and more than that.

There is you finding your Real You and falling in love with it, there is you becoming the strongest version of a woman, there is youbecoming the best version of a parent. And there is true love. The love that doesn’t get swayed by anything, that is so rooted in your self-love, that is deep because you’ve met yourself deeply in the first place.

-Thank you for the supply Doctor. You deserve the best, you really do. And you are beautiful.

Your eyes went watery: I can see no one has been telling you this for long time. And maybe we met because I had to convey this message to you, the same I convey to my fellow single mums, a message of hope and the certainty of success.

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You deserve true love.

You can only meet someone as deeply as they have met themselves”.