The magic of “and” in your life

Most of us have grown up in a culture of dualities that divides things into two piles: spirit or matter, feminine or masculine, alive or dead, male or female, adult or child, good or bad, light or dark, joyful or painful.

What if we play with the assumption that things are light and dark, good and bad, joyful and painful, spirit and matter?

Sounds simple, doesn`t it?

We might entertain the possibility of holding as true two apparently opposite ideas at the same time. In so doing, we become more able to experience the richness of life, the truth of its beautiful complexity.

So why not fall in love with juxtaposition…

This wild complexity has been lately our guide to moments of doubt and confusion.

It has allowed us to step in a new ground, where we can forgive everything that has hurt deeply.

No more trying to defend our points or the need to clarify, convince or win a battle. Our wholeness feels content just being.

Feels easier to embrace the other, our contradictions and the opinions from others.

And then, to be human and divine, all at once.

Earthy and holy.

How can both coexist?- you might be wondering…But yes they do.

And as you invite them in, they profoundly heal your inner life.

Strong and vulnerable. Sunshine and rain. Black and white. Sacred and profane. Masculine and feminine. Pause and action.

This paradox awakens inspiration into million possibilities.

No more stoic attempts to harmonize, to improve, to be more or to attain something else. Phew!

What a relief… can you not feel already much freedom?

After years of walking dry deserts and arid lands, we find here the possibility to simmer in softness, as well as gathering together through this site to nourish our fierceness.

Earth and Sky.

Rigor and Surrender.

When doing soul-work this is a very interesting tool to practice because in the end, there will always be two sides to every story living within you.

There will be a curse, followed by a blessing.

A wrong done to you, and the courage it took to stand up for yourself.

A fragmented, lost piece, and the joyful re-integration of it.

Blind spots and a-ha moments.

Vulnerability and strength, together at last.

Honoring what is sacred in you, and standing proud knowing that your voice is powerful.

Dancing to your darkest fears and laughing out loud with your wildest friends.

Hours of intense practice and silence.

Hours of laziness and pure decadence.

They all live together.

Our soul whispers. Allow. You are whole.