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One on One Sessions

Working one-on-one is a powerful tool that allows permanent transformation in shorter periods of time.
Whether via phone/Skype or in person, here is what you can expect:
a free 45 minute consultation where we discuss your issues and your goals and check if coaching is right for you.

For Women, Single Mothers, Family, Parenting, Performance coaching/Public Speaking for individuals or corporate clients, just get in touch.

Bold with Style®

This is the Method I use with Women, Mothers and Professionals in order to:

-Run your brain at its highest potential
-Change the thoughts, words, actions and feelings that don’t serve you anymore
-Change your habits-quickly- even if you’ve struggled for years
-Be the best version of yourself.
-Develop an unstoppable mindset

For any interest you might have in working with me, please read the free e-book, downloadable when you subscribe and double-check if this Method works for you: we might want to be on the same page!

Book your free consultation to assess if I can help you.


Bold with Style – Mum®

This is a Program with combined e-books and Skype sessions: it will guide you into creating new possibilities of thinking, feeling, and acting, for yourself and those you love.
The new perspective you’ll adopt is that there is a deeper meaning for you being a Single Mother. It will make sense. Once you get in touch with that meaningful energy, you’ll become unstoppable. Promise. I’ve been there.


Mentoring Sessions

PRESENTATION SKILLS: Regardless of the content, your presentation has to be: compelling, concise, congruent, interesting, paced and fun. Apply the rules of delivering monologues and some acting technique to have great conscious and subconscious impact on your audience.

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Did you know that fear of public speaking is imaginary? You can easily learn how to control your mind through self-hypnosis and have fun with some acting techniques to become a confident and charming speaker.

Areas: Motherhood, Parenting, Single Mothers, Relationships, Career, Public Speaking