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BOLD WITH STYLE®-MUM is the Must-Have Program for Single Moms who want to re-energize
themselves, connect with their children on a deeper level, get their career and love life back on track
within 12 Weeks.

Module 1: LET’S TALK ABOUT YOU. We will focus on you, assess your reality and plan the next steps to build the life you want (and deserve).

Module 2: LET’S TALK ABOUT YOUR CHILD/REN. While you heal, we will put a strategy in place for your child/ren. Their happiness depends on how well and fast you heal.

Module 3: LET’S TALK ABOUT MONEY AND CAREER. (available from April 2019).

Module 4: ARE YOU READY TO TALK ABOUT LOVE? (available from March 2019).

4 Months Program, 4 Modules.

Each Module includes videos or audios, e-books and 1 coaching+1 mentoring private Skype sessions.

Buy the whole Program: 2000 £ or pay by Module following your own schedule, 1 Module: 520 £.


If you dream of feeling like a high vibe, confident, calm and centered Mom while managing kids,
work and your relationships…

Dear Mum,

I know how you are feeling right now, I’ve been there.
You crave the freedom, the youthful energy, the enthusiasm and the passionate relationship you
used to have years ago.
But you feel that the time has gone.
You feel drained on a daily basis by routine and responsibilities – bring the kids to school, go to work, pick
them up, help them with homework, make dinner.
You ask yourself if this is all you have to offer to your kids who see you stressed and overwhelmed.
You are not even sure if you will ever have a relationship again because you have been hurt and there seems
to be no time and no possibility for a true connection.
You struggle with time management, organisation, tiredness and you need support.

..In short, you feel constantly tired from rushing, overwhelmed by duties, uncertain if you are
impacting your children in a good way and unsure if you can or want to have a love life again….then
BOLD WITH STYLE®-MUM is for you.

In short:

you want nothing more than feeling good in your skin, having more time for
yourself, deeply connecting your children and attract only conscious partners.
Let me tell you: this is the minimum you deserve.

You desire:

  • Guilt-free time back for yourself on your busy schedule instead of shutting down your needs and neglecting yourself.

  • A strong mindset to feel confident and calm so that you can manage yourself and your kids from a place of peace and fulfillment.

  • Tools that allow you to have a good and healthy impact on your children even if you’ve made mistakes in the past.

  • A permanent support-system you can rely on whenever you need instead of temporary help from people who give you different and confusing advice based on their own experience rather than true knowledge.

  • Useful strategic tips to feel empowered in your love life instead of hoping that something will change for the better-if you are lucky.

And most of all:


The problem is:


Maybe you:

  • Are rushing morning to evening doing everything for your job and your children and trying to to your best

  • Feel that everything is on your shoulders so you have to shut down your deepest desires and needs and give up the time for yourself.

  • Have no idea how to change that feeling and free yourself to actually LIVE without feeling like a slave to your responsibilities.

  • Feel that you have to compromise on who you really are in order to make everyone else around you happy.

  • Have support from family and friends but it feels like only a temporary relief from the daily overwhelm, or have no support at all.

  • Are doing your best but what your children see is a busy, tired, unsatisfied Mum instead of a energetic fulfilled Mum that they can be proud of and look up to.

  • Feel strapped for time: you used to have many plans and desires for yourself but it seems there is no time for any of them.

  • Fell completely short for energy: you keep going on autopilot, often forget about details and collapse in bed very early in the evening.

  • Your confidence is at the lowest level. You aren’t sure you are doing a good job at work, with your children, and it’s hard to really think of a relationship. You are jealous of those magnetic women who manage every aspect of their life with confidence.

  • Have the unpleasant feeling that maybe you can end up forever alone, and yes you don’t really need a man but: is that what you want?

Let me tell you…

Let’s set once and for all the strategies for your success as a WOMAN and a MOTHER.

Amazing Woman,

Breathe in and breath out:
You don’t have to give up thinking that there is no solution due to these circumstances.
You CAN stop rushing, worrying, stressing and feeling overwhelmed.

This is what Monika has to say after working with me on the Program:

“With Manuela’s help, I found ways to achieve goals about which I though previously would be impossible to achieve. Manuela’s become my biggest fan and thanks to her support too, my life took different turn from what it was before. I cannot recommend her enough, if you’re looking for skilled coach with deep heart and strong insight, she’s your person!”

Hi, it’s Manuela here,

Single Mom of 3,
Transformational Coach, M.A. and Founder of SanghaWomen. I’m also an Award-winning actress, Professional Dancer and daily meditator, M.A in Philosophy and studies in Psychology – and I tell you that so you KNOW that experiencing a life full of all your passions as a single mom WITHOUT the overwhelm is NOT impossible. I help Women build an unstoppable mindset to create the life they want and deserve.

I know what you are going through right now.
Finding myself as a Single Mom put me through an emotional rollercoaster. Being a stubborn optimist I thought that with some organization and support I would be fine.

But the truth is tiredness and overwhelm soon took the lead. However, as you know, once you are in the ballroom you have got to dance anyway. I went on autopilot and had no idea on:

  • How to restore my energy: sleep wasn’t enough anymore.

  • How to make guilt-free time for myself: it felt like everyone else’s wellness came first.

  • Where to look for consistent support from someone who could really understand me: I appreciated family’s and friends’ advice but it wasn’t based on real knowledge on how human Emotions work.

  • How to rebuild my love life: how could I trust again make time for dating? And are there good men out there?

  • How to keep good vibes for the sake of my children?

Yes I had some support by my family and friends.
Yes, I had a fulfilling job that I tried to balance with the rest of my life.

All the while I was stuck in my low-energy state, lack of confidence, and concerns for my future. On my downtime I tried to have my dance classes and had the good habit of eating healthily. But the truth ran through my mind constantly: Why were these good habits working so well before and now they just weren’t enough?

One night I couldn’t sleep. I was in my bed staring at the ceiling in spite of being exhausted and I felt so confused. “I am doing everything right, am I not? I work, I take care of the children, I’m a strong woman. However…where are those feelings of fulfillment, joy and enthusiasm that I used to experience when I was younger? Some people say that this is the adult life and we have to accept it as it is. But really? Is it because as a Single Mom I don’t deserve anything better?

At some point I had to start refusing jobs because I couldn’t make it, organizationally and energetically. My salary decreased massively, my career suffered, and I was very close to burn out. How could this have happened so suddenly? So unexpectedly? I thought I was a strong woman and could handle it all! I had no real power over my life, no energy and felt trapped. A part of me was screaming out loud: “Let me have a say! Listen to me!” but who was that?

So I decided to research specifically about energy, children, relationships and ask my Buddhist Monk teacher for help, until I started putting into practice thousands of different approaches. After a trial and error journey I finally felt that I cracked the code.

I put together a few effective strategies and started feeling different. Very different. My Buddhist Monk teacher was right: it’s simple and yet without knowledge and action nothing ever changes.

Fast-forward to today my life looks like a different movie. I’ve created a lifestyle that allows me the freedom to:

  • Restore my energy quickly and easily so that even if I get tired, I’m not crippled, overwhelmed and trapped by it

  • Prioritize me-time without feeling guilty even when I have a full schedule of kids’ activities, work and date nights

  • Apply my knowledge on how men work, attract a high value man in my life instead of blindly proceeding without direction with a “let’s see what happens” attitude.

  • Reboost my career in beautiful unexpected ways like being able to help other women change their lives through both my coaching practice and my acting.

  • Observe the glowing effect of all this on my three children who are now happier, much more balanced, and say things like “We are so lucky to have you as our  om, thank you”!

And now I want to help you achieve the same success. Why?
Because you DESERVE it and you CAN have it. If I made it, you can too.

If you are reading this, it’s because you know that you deserve a great life, as a Woman, as a Mother and as a Lover. I don’t want to keep you suffering for years and throw away money, time and relationships.

That is why I put together BOLD WITH STYLE-MUM.

What can I expect from BOLD WITH STYLE®-MUM?

In 3 short months I’ll guide you through huge personal transformation at the most rapid speed. You’ll achieve the kind of knowledge and development that is only available to women after years of self-help books, programs, counselling sessions. All within 3 life-changing months while comfortably sitting on your sofa and chatting with me sometimes.

My clients soon understand that together we can change their lives. I’ve changed mine, manifesting love, abundance and the right kind of women and men around me. Those who share this vibe learn how to channel it and use it for the sake of themselves, their children, their partner.

Your main breakthroughs will be:


You will learn the ENERGY practices that will serve you once and for all instead of serve you momentarily then leave you completely burned out when you truly need them. These practices are based on the Ancient Wisdom of the Buddhist Monks and on Quantum Physics so that, unlike other strategies and practices, they ensure a deep transformation and long lasting effects.

You’ll leave behind the old patterns, blocks, excuses and discover how it feels to be at your fullest potential: a BOLD WITH STYLE-MUM®!


Re-centering yourself first is the oxygen-mask principle for which you can’t take care of anyone else if you can’t BREATHE yourself. You will let go of the guilt and get in the right mindset to do it.


You certainly want to impact your children in the healthiest way. If you are reading this, chances are that you know you are not meant to navigate unconsciously the waters of motherhood. And, if knowledge is power, taking action is paramount in order to start being a wonderful role model.


Can you remember the last time a partner made you feel like a PRINCESS, waltzed you away for the night and treated you at your favorite restaurant? Does it seem nearly impossible to live this again because of the circumstances or because of how hurt you have been in the past? Well, get ready to change it all around, and transform frustration into ROMANCE.

Yes you can!

In 3 short months with me you will get:

But, that’s not all! You will also receive:


I will take our time to establish the correct intentions and expectations for your course. This is your initial call with Manuela, to get energetically ready for our work  together. Let’s declare your goals to get the most out of your transformational life-changing experience.

Market value 400 $.


Essential oils are one of my secret tools you can’t miss. They will positively affect your energy, your mood, your sleep and hear me – your sexiness.

6 Special Blends for you:

Market value $. 300


Get your reading on the MOST important area of your life. Surprise: it might not be the one ou think! I’ve done it myself and I can assure you, it has  been shockingly accurate and surely unexpected – in a good way.

After your free initial reading you’ll enjoy a 25% off Mia’s usual price for a full reading. Bring some magic into your life, it’s a heart opening experience!

Ilaria says:

“I put into practice in everyday life the practical solutions that Manuela suggested to me. Her coaching is not just theoretical work, it is practice. I think it’s really important to “speed up” the “healing” times. This is what Manuela did for me and I can’t thank her enough.”

What happens after you apply?

After you apply, you’ll receive our Emotional Restoration Call: we want to make sure that we can work beautifully together, that you are truly motivated to make a life-changing shift.


is not an airy-fairy course

It is a transformational deep-dive into how to make the shift happen in your energy, with your children and in your love life. We will work together and I will guide you step by step through the path leading to the life you desire and deserve.

BOLD WITH STYLE-MUM® is like a new software you’ll install in the hardware of your mind to have permanent changes in your life.

You’ll leave with practical tools that will improve your life and your loved ones’.

 In BOLD WITH STYLE-MUM® you’ll discover and implement the insights, experiences, tools and useful practices that I’ve been using for years and that helped me take my life with my three children to an exceptional level of fulfillment and energy, and rebuild my love life, beyond my own expectations. There are other courses you can take. However this one includes, thanks to the tools taken from the Ancient Wisdom of Buddhist monks, Quantum Physics, Psychology and the Waldorf Pedagogy, the deep-dive work needed on a subconscious level to really unlock your true potential as a Woman and Mother.

Missing out on this subconscious energy work will keep you stuck and away from real change.

With BOLD WITH STYLE- MUM® you’ll connect with your True Self. This is probably the part of you that can’t really have a saying at the moment and the reason for your low-level energy and the lack of true connection with yourself and others.

Once we give a voice again to the Source of your Power, you’ll be able to quickly move past being swayed by external circumstances and start living your life in your own terms, making them easily acceptable for everyone else around.

Doubts won’t stop you anymore, because you will be SUPPORTED.

When we complain and keep repeating the same behaviors, nothing changes.

When you take inspired action, a great shift happens: the energy starts moving and impacts us and our loved ones.

Let’s make sure it is a good energy out there!

You will feel empowered as never before.

You will have a great impact on your children.

You will become magnetic for high value men.

Sophie says:

“Manuela helped me to literally transform my thoughts and beliefs: many times I was negative and destructive, now thanks to her strategies, I have changed! My morning is now a good morning, with new and positive thoughts, thanks to her support and encouragement. I have seen my children changing as well for good, they perform better at school, they are definitely happier and…a Prince Charming manifested in my life…it works like a spell!”


During this program you will get more than knowledge.

You’ll get the transformation you longed for and the results you thought weren’t even possible.

You’ll become aware on how to manage your energy as an individual, with your kids, and you’ll create the space for love life again.

You’ll leave knowing that you are a BOLD WITH STYLE- MUM® who can have it all.

Who this program is for and who is not for

BOLD WITH STYLE – MUM® is for you if:

  • You are feeling tired of neglecting your needs, overwhelmed by your busy schedule and you don’t want your life to be like this forever

  • You are ready to make a quick shift and start living on a higher vibrational state so that you have more energy, organization and fulfillment in your life as a Woman, Mother and Lover

  • You are ready to be the best role model you can for your children instead of the stressed-out example they see now

  • You are ready to let go of the fear of failure that divorce triggered in you, because you believe that deep down you have the power to release negative emotions and create what you deserve

  • You are ready to have the relationship you’ve always dreamt of, to feel adored and desired again instead of feeling like the happy times have gone

  • You want to wake up in the morning feeling energised and enthusiastic of the day ahead

  • You want to be a contagious example of joy for your children

  • You want to create the space to be adored and feel safe in a healthy conscious relationship.

You are just NOT ready yet if:

  • You think that change is not possible

  • You believe that your circumstances are so stressful that you prefer keeping the status quo

  • You feel you have no time, no energy and no resources to invest in this life-changing program

  • You are not sure you want to invest in yourself and you don’t see yourself stepping into your true potential yet

  • You are afraid that manifesting your True Self will cause massive shifts that you or your family are not ready to manage

  • You’re skeptical about the work we’ll be doing together

  • You feel that there is no space for improvement in what you are giving to your children

  • You’d rather keep your love life as it is: inexistent or fatalistic

  • You feel there is no real hope for your future and you are ready to live on autopilot

Sure, you can try to do it yourself, like I did, with uncertain results for your life, your children and your future…

Or, you can put an end to the tiredness, the overwhelm and concerns about it all by joining this program, where I will guide you through:

  • Huge energy shifts

  • Re-discover your True Self

  • Step into your highest potential

  • Step into your highest potential

  • See the benefits of your shift in all areas of your life, including your job

  • Respark yourself and your love life

  • Live the family life you’ve always dreamt of

  • Be a great role model for your children

Daniela says:

“After working with Manuela, life smiles at you again. With her gentle and calm way of speaking, she was able to immediately put me at ease (which is difficult for me, being quite shy). In a short time I felt relaxed and she was able to grasp without hesitation the most ‘urgent’ problem on which to put me to work. Her optimism is overwhelming: in 45 minutes of each phone call with her I felt motivated as never before and, as soon as we had finished our conversation, I immediately started to put into practice what we planned. She has the talent to say things in the right way to change the perspective and get you back on the right path.”




You can literally adapt the program at your own pace. The reason why you’ll have the private sessions scheduled is that our brain needs repetition to get new habits, but you are free to work on the rest according to your schedule. You’ll have new materials every week available for you.


Of course! You will be ready for a wonderful motherhood experience anyway and be aware of all the dynamics that create a healthy relationship.


You can expect a huge shift in your whole life and you’ll see amazing changes in your kids and in your relationships.


Sure, you can split the payment in two equal parts adding a 20% on the total fee, the second installment to be paid at the beginning of the second month.


No problem. If you have further questions, just submit them here or through the contact form on my website.

Customer service