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I’m Manuela Maletta

Founder of SanghaWomen®, Bold with Style®, Bold with Style-Mum®- all Empowerment Coaching Programs and author of  the following e-books: The Manifesto, Bold with Style®-The System and The 7 Steps for Single Moms to change their brains.

My Academic studies include a BA in Philosophy, MA in Philosophical Sciences, MSc in Psychology with Studies in Logo therapy and Psychoanalysis.

I’m a Goal Imagery coach trained on ICF standards.

My studies include Mindfulness in the Plum Village (Thich Nhat Hanh

Tradition) and Waldorf Steiner Education.

My Acting and Public Speaking studies include the Theatre Academy at Teatro Carcano in Milan and at RADA London.


My Mission

I support Men and Women in Conscious Parenting through Mentoring Sessions.

As a member of AWID-Women’s right and Lean In, I offer to  Single Mothers the support they need to strive and win in every area of their lives, financially and personally, through my Program Bold with Style-Mum and mentoring sessions.

I work with Corporate clients through Performance Coaching and Public Speaking.

In over 2 years, I’ve managed to attract clients from all around the world, coaching via phone or Skype, as well as in-person.

I am also the Award-Winning actress you might remember from some of your favourite TV series. I love acting too!