The only healthy way to deal with your Anger

This is the question I often get asked from my clients: how do I deal with the anger towards my ex?

I hear you. I’ve been there.

And got any kind of contrasting advice from different people.

The socially conditioned said: ignore it.

The emotionally unavailable said: suppress it.

The rebel said: act upon it, why not?

The religious said: you have to forgive AKA just don’t be angry.

The politically correct said: jot down your anger in your diary, it’s less harmful.

They were all right. And wrong.

What I did with my anger was slightly different though.

I acknowledged it. I gave it space for a conversation with me.

We got so close that we fell in love.

I ended up thanking my anger for being there and she said she was there to help me.

She said “please don’t send me inside again or I will become depression”.

She told me how depression is anger directed inwards rather than outwards.

I reassured her: “It is not going to happen, don’t worry”.

My Anger has been my fuel to rebuild a life of love and happiness.

I just had to find the way to channel this powerful energy in the right direction.

It didn’t happen overnight, it took a bit more, but I trusted and honoured her presence.

My advice for you: give it time, give it space, honour it, have conversations together and if it gets overwhelming,

mother it as you mother your children when they tenderly cry.

And for any help, I’m here.

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You deserve to be strong, you deserve to be free.

Love and Light.

“If I have a cruel thought or if my words carry hatred in them, then those thoughts and words will be reborn. It will be difficult to catch them and pull them back. They are like a runaway horse.”

Thich Nhat Hanh